Hello prosperous one,

My name is Tlara, known to the world as Sypreme Essence. I chose this pseudonym, not to hide behind, I chose it because it resonates so deeply within. My conviction is that we are all born supreme beings with the gift to be, do, or attain whatever we desire by default of our birthright. I am the owner and CEO of Credit warriors Inc. Although I am extremely proud of the success of my company, and I could go on for days talking about it, I choose not to. I am evolving , and I feel as though I have even a much greater divine purpose that surpases teaching people how to end generational poverty by way of financial literacy. Being an entrepreneur is one thing but in my opinion that does not define success. The true meaning of success is when you have it all together especially behind closed doors where it really matters. At the end of the day when the makeup and hair comes off you, and you are face to face with who you really are.


Even in human form we are divine in essence, inherently born kings and queens. Within lies supreme intelligence which holds the key to unlock the the imprisoned mind. Our past doesn't define who we are, it's purpose is to teach us life lessons, and serves as the lighthouse that guides us to our destiny. 


I always remember to say my affirmations. I am everything I say I am. I am beautiful, I am life. the universe moves mountains for me. Like a spoiled child, I get everything that I ask for. Truly blessed it is so amazing. I've always had the ability to manifest my desires, I just never knew how to tap in until I came across one of the darkest moments in my life. During that time I began reading books on the Law of Attraction, and began to consciously apply what I read in my life. Magically everything around me begin to transform right before my very eyes.I began to have a deeper understanding about everything that was happening to me whether good or bad, and gained much respect for the laws that govern our universe. 

As I continue on the path of enlightenment, and self discovery I would like to extend an invitation for you to join me. Welcome to my world.