Food for your soul

Discipline brings excellence and excellence brings freedom. Never see a single step of your journey as a waste of time. Small things done consistently in strategic places create a major impact. There are no failures only feedback, and learning. You are given what you can handle, and the only time you fail is when you keep making the same mistake over and over again. Only through pain will we wake up and define ourselves. Pain is not truth, it is what we must go through to find truth.

Whatever you have lost is temporary. When you begin to to see the seeds of opportunity in the ashes of disaster you are growing. Every sorrow opens the doorway of opportunity, revealing a greater power within. The deeper ones sorrow, the greater can be ones achievements. Every obstacle can become a stepping stone along the highway of advancement. Challenges are only a warning that success is near.

Speak life unto your situation whatever it may be. You are what you think, and what you think is a reflection of what you hold in your heart. Believing tends to result in experiences, understanding leads to realizations. You can literally shape the path of your life by way of affirmative mind. Yes you can think your way into the lifestyle that you dream of. Your thought pattern backed by the feeling of already having, along with visualizing the end result will bring forth whatever you desire into a tangible reality.